Kiddie Korner puts forth its best effort to provide nurturing, safe programs that influence the positive development of children.  We work to ensure that our children have a wonderful learning experience in a structured environment that combines educational activities with playtime.

Our infant program nurtures the need of each individual child based on their daily need.  Even at this young age children are exposed to concepts and skills that encourage discovery, development of their gross motor skills, hand eye coordination, turning over and reaching for things.  They are also introduced to music, colorful pictures and puppets to encourage emotional, intellectual and physical growth.  Healthy infant development is promoted through individual care and by establishing a trusting relationship between child and caregiver.  Each day a daily report is sent home with information about the child's meals, naps, diaper changes and overall disposition.

By nature, toddlers are explorers, therefore we provide a variety of activities to encourage their ability to explore and move while having fun.  During this age activities are planned that will help with the development of language skills, fine motor skills and large motor skills.  Their daily activities include, but are not limited to, story time, music and movement and art activities.  They are exposed to more socialization and activities with other children.  Each day a daily report is sent home with information about the child's meals, naps, diaper changes, daily activities and overall disposition.

Early Head Start Korner
Our Early Head Start program offers an age appropriate curriculum for infants up until three´╗┐ years old.  Classroom settings are divided by age, each with its own weekly theme and age appropriate daily activities.

Each classroom setting offers a variety of interest and allow for continuous learning experiences through fun.  Learning experiences are incorporated through circle time, music and movement, small group time, learning centers, story time, crafts and creations, outdoor play and indoor gross motor activities, food experiences and dramatic play.  Students are encouraged at every age to make decisions based on individual interest, to become problem solvers, to share, and to work with others.

Children are taught self help skills such as potty training and feeding themselves.  When children show an interest in potty training we will begin the process at school to be consistent with your efforts at home.

Kiddie Korner offers a variety of options for school age children.  Students have the option of attending Before School, After School, Before & After School, Holiday Breaks, Snow Days (weather permitting), and for our Summer Program. 

Children that attend before school have the opportunity to enjoy a healthy breakfast and then relax until their departure with quiet board games, computer games, reading or just relaxing and socializing with peers.  At the appropriate time students that attend King & Queen County Public Schools and Aylett County Day School are escorted to the bus stop to be picked up.  Students attending King William County Public Schools are transported to and from school by the Kiddie Korner bus.

After school students enjoy an afternoon snack upon their arrival.  After having been in a classroom all day they wind down by enjoying some supervised outdoor play.  A time and location are designated for those that have to complete homework.  For those that are not required to do homework in the afternoon, they enjoy supervised play in our school age classrooms.  They have the option of designated learning centers or participating in art activities until their departure.

Kiddie Korner offers a summer program full of fun, exploring and learning.  Children enrolled enjoy a variety of weekly themed activities, crafts and creations, food experiences and educational activities.  Also for them to enjoy the Ice Cream Truck visits weekly and the Library Bookmobile visits bi-weekly.  In addition to on-site activities, field trips are scheduled twice a week.

Additional activities are planned for holiday breaks, early dismissals and snow days.